Judicial Processes in early medieval societies in northern Iberia (9th-11th centuries)

The main aim of the PRJ research project is to expand the knowledge of the processes involved in dispute resolution and the exercise of justice in early medieval societies in northern Iberia. A relational database has been developed in order to access structured information obtained from North Iberian documents (from Portugal to Catalonia) prior to the twelfth century. It systematically quantifies all published documents year by year. In addition, all documents containing any information on either judicial proceedings or dispute resolution mechanisms in general have been specifically and systematically identified (for further information, see The Project)

The PRJ database, which is the key part of the project, is now available online. It currently stands at approximately 22,000 documents, nearly 10% of which contain some kind of judicial information. This corpus will soon be completed by the inclusion of documents from the Catalan area, on which work on them is still continuing. All the editions that have been used are listed under Sources

The purpose of this database is to serve as a research tool for scholars and researchers with a general interest in this period. It will enable them to use this comprehensive, systematised corpus in their work.

PRJ is a project funded by the Spanish National R&D Plan (Ref.: HUM2007-61233 – HAR2011-26685). It was initiated in 2008 by a team of medievalists from several Spanish and Portuguese universities, under the aegis of the History Institute of the Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) based in Madrid, Spain. The database is hosted on a CSIC server.