Judicial corpus

The documents contained in this online Judicial Corpus constitute a catalogue of edited texts available in pdf format, and can be directly accessed and downloaded. This digital corpus collects all the data related to the exercise of justice and forms of dispute resolution in the overall documentation, identified according to the criteria indicated in the Database Methodology section.

The texts in this corpus contain a vast wealth of information for the study of the various forms of dispute resolution. This corpus could be used to conduct more complex research in order to more accurately assess developments in the writing and preservation of documents in general, and of judicial documentation in particular. A module dealing with the information about litigation in these texts has already been designed to perform quantitative comparative research on the most important judicial aspects by the structured analysis of specific variables: types of venues or instances in which litigation took place; type and status of the litigants; forms and types of disputes; proceedings; evidence; resolutions; and results. This module is still in an experimental phase and will be included in the next updated version of PRJ.

Access to the texts. Downloads

The texts can be accessed directly through the institutions that preserved them. Using the tab Searches-Institutions, and applying the 'Regions' filter, the Institutions of the selected Region and the number of judicial documents contained in each Institution can be accessed. When that number is clicked on, a list of documents drops down. The document code, date, transmission and whether it is authentic, false or suspicious is shown. Each text can be downloaded by selecting 'Download.' The reference for their institution appears alongside the texts, as well as the document number in the appropriate edition [Sahagún1-159].The edition that has been digitised is indicated below, together with the document date and a regesta prepared by the project team. The digitised text is shown on the following page.

Searching the digitised texts by word

Searches of all of the judicial texts can be performed by the insertion of an appropriate text string.

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